Exploring the World of Ballet in Colorado Springs: Workshops and Classes for All Ages

Explore the world of ballet in Colorado Springs! The Colorado Ballet Society offers classes for beginner & advanced dancers of all ages from 2.5 years old to adults.

Exploring the World of Ballet in Colorado Springs: Workshops and Classes for All Ages

Are you interested in discovering the world of ballet in Colorado Springs? Look no further! The Colorado Ballet Society offers classes for all ages and skill levels, from 2.5 years old to adults. Whether you're looking to explore the art of dance through daring and exciting adventures, refine your dance fundamentals with internationally renowned teachers, or learn the basics of ballet, there's something for everyone. The Colorado Ballet Society follows the national training curriculum of the American Ballet Theater. Dancers can start at 2.5 years old in the Sparkle and Superhero programs, where they learn age-appropriate skills and expressions.

As they progress through numerous levels, pre-stitch programs and stitch classes, they have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a year-end performance. Those who achieve a higher level of achievement can audition for the Contemporary Dance Company, Connexus. Tap dancing is also offered for people over 6 years old. This style features creative and interpretive body movements that allow the dancer to express themselves and improve their musicality by emphasizing the depressing rhythm of the music and a clear rhythm.

The Colorado Ballet Academy's summer intensive transforms dancers into artists. Intermediate to pre-professional students refine their dance fundamentals with internationally renowned teachers and the CBA's own expert teaching staff. Dancers gain physical and mental strength, allowing them the freedom to discover their own artistic voice. The CCD also offers adult classes for people over 18 years old.

From the fundamentals of ballet to advanced technique, there's something for everyone. Sign up for unlimited classes or sign up for our flexible one-on-one classes. We offer a variety of classes and schedules to fit your schedule. Boulder Ballet is a professional ballet company that offers classes for students to dance in a company production. Every year, techniques, points, variations, pas de deux, pilates, progressive ballet technique, strength training, contemporary, modern, allegro masculine repertoire and more are offered in a carefully designed progression for dancers of all ages and stages. Students receive complementary training on a rotational basis in other disciplines such as floor bar, jazz, modern music, conditioning, Pilates, yoga, and the Nashville Ballet repertoire.

The Boulder Ballet School (BBS) offers ballet training for all ages from preschool to adults in an environment of creative excellence. The Colorado Ballet Company serves as accompaniers both on and off campus providing an excellent resource for students. Dance classes with characters are a lot like a ballet class since they start with a full bar before going to the center except that everything will be in a specific cultural style. The Colorado Ballet Academy gives equal priority to those who audition in person or through a video audition.


is designed for students over 11 years old who are new to ballet and want a classical training that will prepare them to integrate into regular classes taught by students. PBT is a unique and innovative program designed to help students understand the depth of muscle memory training and achieve their personal best in classical ballet. Character dance is an integral part of ballet training and is a specific subdivision of classical ballet.

These styles are represented and portrayed in many full-length ballets such as Swan Lake and Don Quixote. So if you're looking for special workshops or classes to learn more about ballet in Colorado Springs, you've come to the right place! With so many options available for all ages and skill levels, you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

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